Styling Your Printed dresses

Whether it’s summer or winter, you’re probably over the print ‘era’ since it has been on for quite some time, but prints are daring, loud and bring out your personality.From gingham to polka dots and animal patterns, we can’t get enough of prints, as designers continue to reinvent popular textiles like floral so they can


You know time is moving when you’re getting messages to ask whether you’ve got plans for Valentines…but wait, who is that? Valentines??Oh you mean that day people are supposedly more in love than the rest of the year??Errrrrrrm I have no plans, thanks.But how is February already?! First things first. I have really missed you,

Breaking the Silence-I MOVED!

     Hello from the other side.Literally! I packed my bags and moved to Australia.Yuuuup!!For real.Probably marks the biggest move of my life but it took quite a few months of sleepless nights to pray and plan and asking God to really show me what His will is and whether my plan is in accordance

Goodbye 2015

The end of one thing may be sad, but it always marks the beginning of something better.Or so I believe. My 2015 has been nothing short of blessings.I finished my bachelors degree, got to work with amazing brands and most importantly built better relationships with my family and friends.Blessings on blessings on blessings…So today I

3:Festive Lookbook- Animal Prints

I have had this dress for 2 years now and I am not about to give it away so it definitely had to be among my faves this Festive season. Wishing lots of love and merry today.May God bless you all. Merry Christmas. Love.  Dress- Old Earrings- Envy (also here ) Heels- Backyard Shoes